No Sacrifice Bags® line of products all started with a little purse organizer, and a big problem. Searching for a purse organizer nice enough to put inside a beautiful handbag proved nearly impossible. They were either cheap and cheesy or looked like diaper bags. The only solution was to design our own. We worked to make an organizer that was lightweight, durable, and cleanable. It had to quickly, and easily, transfer from one handbag to another, and be soft enough to be kind to the delicate interiors of designer brands.   Not feeling comfortable that leather was the best material for this purpose, we experimented with many alternative textiles until we found several that met our requirements.

We also wanted a solution to the big problem that confronts every handbag sooner or later: dirty, degrading and oxidizing handles. Constantly bombarded with hand lotion, oils, perspiration, germs, and even nicotine, purse handles can get pretty nasty. Even the cleanest hands leave behind acids and oils which can stain and attract dirt. We had to find a way to fix this.

Working with Toronto and New York City based manufacturers, our purse organizer; le Mobile® was crafted, our patent pending Love Handles® were created, and No Sacrifice® Bags was born. Solving Purse World Problems, One Bag At A Time™


Other No Sacrifice® offerings include:

SOS Save Our Shape® - Patent pending inflatable preservers. These practical and feather-light pillows help preserve your handbags original profile and shape; protecting them when not in use, from permanent damaging creases and folds.

MT Market Tote™ - Eco friendly, completely washable, made from 100% recycled material. Perfect for grocery shopping!

Grassroots™ - An eco friendly Key Fob made from 100% recycled material.

The Purse Snatcher™ - Our patent pending, purse securing strap. Keeps your purse safely on the seat of your car preventing it from flying to the floor on tight turns and sudden stops.

Purseport™   Handbag tags, make it easy to identify your bags at a glance.

UnderCovers™ No tie, easy to close dust covers in breathable 100% cotton flannel.

Bottomlines™ The eco friendly and gentle base shaper


No Sacrifice® products are based on two principles: solving problems that you encounter with your handbags, and creating products that protect your investment.

No Sacrifice® products are made exclusively in Toronto and New York.


Coming Soon...

Tenderhooks™, the kinder gentler purse hook hanger

Perserviette™. Tenderhooks™ companion water resistant protective cover

Meet The Team

We proudly support THE FOLLOWING CHARITIES by donating a portion of our sales

 Covenant House 

 Pollinators Partnership

 World Wildlife Fund;

 Feeding America, and Food Banks Canada,

 Ontario SPCA