In 2007 I became utterly Hermesmerized™      I literally spent hours daily, daydreaming of Hermes bags and Hermes colour combinations.

As a horse owner, I was very much aware of the damage that sweat and dirt do to leather.

I've always been a bit OCD when it comes to carrying my bags, and I used to fold up a tissue and conceal it in the palm of my hand on hot, humid days, as a barrier against the oils from my hand and my handles.

I was desperate to find a way to protect my Hermes and Louis Vuitton handles, several of which were irreparably discoloured and oxidized.

 I had already submitted a request  (that was accepted) to Hermes for a bespoke purse organizer, so I went to work trying to design something to protect my handles.

I tried many designs, and some were admittedly crazy looking.

I experimented with leather and suede, even going so far as to cut up two of my Hermes scarves!

Hermes Love Handles 1.jpg

Unfortunately, while they looked pretty good,  there was no way I could prevent the silk from fraying, and fraying, even more, when I washed it.

Hermes Love Handles handle wrap cover.jpg

Now I have a pile of single-use Hermes scarf Love Handles.      

When I use them I think of Linda Porter, who was married to Cole Porter.   She reputedly only wore a pair of white gloves once.

Hermes Handle Wrap Love Handles 2.jpg

I can't even recall the name of this scarf; but I love it on my Rose Tyrien Birkin 30

Love Handles Hermes handle wrap scarf.jpg

Brides de Gala en Finesse is such a beautiful scarf and looks so nice on my Vert Veronese Birkin 35

Hermes scarf handle protection.jpg

I wanted something that would protect my handles where my hands held it, and not hide the beauty of the leather.

I was hopeful that Hermes would be able to come up with a better solution than I could, and they tried.

They made many mock-ups; but in the end, they couldn't come up with a design that wasn't bulky and they felt it was too uncomfortable to carry.   I even asked if they could make them in silk, and they replied; "silk is not possible as it would get very dirty when handled"

hermes bespoke LH's.jpg

 (above is the mock-up drawing to use one wrap for a Kelly handles and one wrap to go around both Birkin handles.      I wanted one wrap for each Birkin handle)

I was very disappointed that Hermes was unable to figure out a way to make my "Love Handles" so I continued to make and use my own non-leather creation.  

Since I had filed for a US Utility patent, I decided to offer them for sale and was very pleased to discover, that there are many women like myself who are interested in protecting their handles.

ebayLH rosetyrien2.jpeg
LH Aztec Hermes Gold - 1.jpg

Love Handles are washable, easy to use handle cover wraps, that can help you maintain pristine handles.     If you think Love Handles might help you, you can find them on my website  as well as my Etsy store; No Sacrifice Bags and limited colours are available on my No Sacrifice  store.


Blue bags are hugely popular; especially with Hermes, Prada, and Balenciaga lovers.

Love Handles come in many shades of blue and this summer the most popular blue has been Electric Blue.

It’s the bright fresh cobalt blue, favourited by many women throughout the world.


A big colour trend in 2009, Electric Blue has proven it’s not going anywhere soon as far as handbag lovers are concerned.




COLOUR FEATURE; MICA the colour that started it all

In 2009 I was fortunate to be able to be offered a Hermes Himalayan Birkin.

 *Note*If you're not a fan of leather or legal exotic skin handbags; please read no further.

I used this bag often; but not daily, throughout the summer of 2009; which was moderately humid.      I'm casually careful with my bags, but I was a little more mindful of this one because of the light colour and skin.

At the end of the summer, I noticed the handles were looking a little yellowish and dark.    it looked like nicotine stains on my handles, and I don't smoke.

I started to fold up a tissue and place it in the palm of my hand, whenever I carried this bag, hoping to prevent further discoloration.

I tried securing cornstarch filled paper towels around my handles at night, trying to soak up any oils deposited by my hands.    It didn't work.

I decided I would have to try and request a bespoke product from Hermes to use on my handles, so I set to work to come up with a design idea.

I tried all sorts of crazy designs, cutting them out of leather pieces I had, trying to secure them to my handles with snaps, and even Hermes ribbon.  They not only looked ridiculous; they didn't work.

After much trial and error, I managed to make a few designs that were not too bulky or noticeable.   They provided more protection on the underside of the handles where it's needed most, and they stayed put.

 After filing a patent application with USPTO I sent a sample and a request for a bespoke order to Hermes Paris.    I gave them a list of bags and colours I wanted to protect and waited to hear from them.

I  then went to work on creating my protective handles wraps to use in the meantime.

I started with my most important bag first, and after discovering that Ultrasuede® brand micro fibre was outstanding for my purposes, I chose the closest colour match to my bag; Mica.