Q:  Is the logo placed to the top, or bottom of my Love Handles

A: For the correct fit; the logo should be placed to the top of your handles or straps so it is visible. Placing the logo underneath your handles or straps will cause it to wing out, and it will not fit properly.

Q: What is the best way to clean my Love Handles™?

A: Love Handles™ can be machine or hand washed. Air dry them flat or machine dry on medium low.


Q: Can Love Handles™ be ironed?

A: Yes; you can press Love Handles™ gently, with your iron set at or below 120℃/250℉ (synthetic fabrics, low). Brush the fabric with a lint brush in one direction, and make sure to use a pressing cloth. Do not let iron come in direct contact with the velcro.


Q: My Love Handles™ don’t fit the contours of my handles. How do I make them fit?

A: Check to make sure you can see the Love Handles™ logo. If the logo is visible, and at the top of your handles, the fit is correct.